Here’s the answer.

No one can change a person’s heart unless that person decides to be open to change (just like how no one can make you think differently if you don’t want to).

That means that you also cannot change someone’s feelings or behaviors unless they are open to changing their heart (when I say “heart” that includes the way someone believes, their attitudes, their opinions).

So, unless they decide to change, they will feel and think and act the way they WANT to, and there ain’t nothin’ you can do about it.

Now you can provide information or a compelling argument that leads to someone changing their thoughts, feelings, or behaviors.  But that would only be possible if they are open to your viewpoint and are open to the idea of change.

So with a lot of people who are not open to change or open to seeing things differently, they are going to think, act, and feel the way they want to, and, again, there ain’t nothin’ you can do about it.  This is a problem if you live your life trying to please someone (especially if they are unwilling to be pleased) or if you feel like you can’t get better unless someone else changes.

But take heart!  This is actually a wonderful thing.  Understanding this can be a very liberating, chain-breaking experience, where we can learn how to live our lives based on our own values, desires, and priorities.  Because this means that NOBODY ELSE CAN CONTROL YOU!  You are free to live your life and make decisions the way you want to, and there ain’t nothing ANYBODY can do about it!


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