I can look in your yard and very quickly tell you what trees you have planted, based on what I see growing.  Do you have cherry trees?  That means someone planted cherry seeds.

In the same way, we can look at our emotions and figure out what we are REALLY thinking, deep in our hearts.  Do you feel sad?  It means you’re thinking that you have lost something permanently.  Do you feel anxious or scared?  It means you are perceiving a threat.  Are you angry?  It means that you are believing that someone or something is attacking you  Do you feel ashamed?  That means that in your heart you believe that people will reject you.

This is important because in order to change what is growing in our yard, part of our work will involve planting new seeds.  Once we know how we are thinking, we can investigate those thoughts and see if they are true.  We can then change thoughts that are not true to new thoughts that are true.  And planting new thoughts can yield different “fruit”, that is, emotions that we want more of in our life.

I like to keep things simple.  Thoughts and beliefs are seeds.  Emotions are the fruit that grows from those seeds.


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