Here’s the reality – people messed with us. 

They hurt us, abused us, and manipulated us.  Maybe our parents were supposed to be loving and supportive, but instead they left us feeling that no matter what we did it wasn’t good enough.  Maybe they were emotionally absent.  Maybe they blamed us for their own problems.  Maybe they heaped their baggage onto us just because they were unwilling to clean up their own side of the street.

Here’s the problem.  People taught us some messed-up ways to think about ourselves. They may have taught us to hate ourselves.  But today, right now, they may not be around, yet we are still agreeing with them, we are still following those old rules and hating ourselves.  We continue to believe the lies that this world taught us.  And those lies are keeping us in chains.  They are killing us.

So we must come to the realization that even though we did not cause all of our problems in the beginning, we have to take responsibility for changing them.  No one can get in our heads and make us think differently, no one can make us love ourselves.  We have to choose to do that for ourselves.

People can heal.  I see it all the time.  But we must choose to heal.  We are capable of so much when we take charge of our recovery.


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