A good horror movie should make you feel scared.  Right? 

There is a good reason that we feel scared or sad as much as we do.  It’s because we’re watching a horror movie or a real tearjerker.  And we’re watching it a lot!  Where is this movie that we keep watching so much?

It’s in our mind.  Right now, in this present moment, there is probably not something happening that is super scary or sad.  And yet you may be feeling really anxious or really sad.  It’s because you are focusing on, paying attention to, a horror movie in your head.  This movie has you as the main character.  In this movie you are failing.  You are losing the chance to have a happy future.  In this movie you see yourself never feeling better again.  None of the other characters understand you or care about you.  Because in this movie you are not worth caring about.

That’s a terrible horror movie that we play in our head.  And it makes sense that if you’re watching this horror movie a lot, you’re going to have some real horror-movie emotions, like depression and anxiety.  Fortunately, the horror movie is NOT BASED ON A TRUE STORY.

So we have two options.  We can stop watching the horror movie, and we can change the horror movie to something else, a romantic comedy perhaps!


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