Do you know what?  You’re normal.  Here’s why.

When you have depression, you’re basically talking about someone who has a lot of SADNESS in their system.  Do you know what sadness makes a human body want to do?   Try to guess before reading below.

Sadness makes your body want to shut down, withdraw, pull out of life.  Your energy level goes down the toilet.  You don’t feel enjoyment or pleasure in things that you used to enjoy.  With less energy running through your machinery, your thoughts and concentration don’t have enough juice to work as well.  Your body WANTS to pull out of social relationships and avoid people.

There is a reason you may not want to play with your kids.  It’s not because you’re a bad parent.  It’s because you have no motivation and energy.  It’s just a body sensation, it’s not a reflection of your values or your will.

In all honesty it would be weird if you had all that sadness in your system and did not want to pull out of life and withdraw.  I’d wonder if you were on drugs or something.  You’re experiencing a normal reaction to having certain emotions in your system.


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