What’s worse than being depressed?  Hating yourself for it.  

A lot of us are dealing with depression, anxiety, or some other emotional disorder.  Having all those emotions causes symptoms like sleep issues, problems with energy and motivation, and difficulty experiencing joy in life.  These symptoms are problem enough for us to deal with.

However, we often add another layer of suffering on top of the suffering we experience from the emotional disorders themselves.  What we do is WE HATE OURSELVES FOR HAVING THE SYMPTOMS AND NEGATIVE EMOTIONS.  We say “I can’t believe I’m having this problem”, “what’s wrong with me”, “I shouldn’t be struggling with this”, or “I’m a failure because I can’t shake these symptoms”.  Not only do we have the symptoms themselves, but we heap on a layer of self-loathing on top of the symptoms.  That is what I call the DOUBLE WHAMMY.

It’s like trying to push a couch across the room.  The couch may be heavy but moving it is still manageable.  Try moving that couch, though, when five 300-pound men are sitting on it.  A lot harder to move now, right?  That is what self-loathing does to us.  It makes it harder to heal from our mental health symptoms and change our disordered emotions.  Heal from self-loathing, and the symptoms of our mental health issues will be much more manageable.


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