Join a Group!

Join a Group!

Healing happens through relationships.

I don’t care what kind of group you want to join, but join one!  Make it a positive group. Support group, church group, therapy group, AA, sex addicts group, DivorceCare, grief group.  Not a bar-hopping group, I wouldn’t suggest that.  Don’t join a coven or satanist group, either.  Here is a list of area support groups for you to peruse.

By joining a group, you are doing something that most people are afraid to do.  You are choosing to allow people to see who you really are.  You have the opportunity to disclose very private parts of your life, and take a risk by letting other people see you.

This type of openness creates an environment where people can heal.  Where you can heal.  By being brave enough to take the risk of exposure, you have made your life and the lives of your group members a richer experience.  Because healing occurs when people get together and are real with each other.

Compare this to your family of origin, where there may have been a lot of fear, a lot of hiding, a lot of disconnection between people.  These were relationships that caused harm to people.

Relationships are powerful.  When they’re bad they’re really bad.  And when they’re good they’re really good.

You know what blesses me?  To see people participating in a group.  By choosing to be in a group, you are creating something that is very rare in this world – healing.  As a group leader it is so refreshing to be with people who are being honest with each other, standing by each other, and caring for each other.  These are the things that bring healing into the world.  And you can be a part of that healing.  All because you choose to join a group.